Our products contain less than 0.3% THC or are THC free. They are void of any psychoactive ingredients.

All Natural, Non-GMO

Cannapalooza Nursery products are produced from Non-GMO elements. Third-party lab tested & free of contaminants.

3rd-Party Lab Tested

Cannapalooza Nursery CBD products are 3rd-party lab test to ensure quality & safety.


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About Cannapalooza Nursery

Cannapalooza Nursery is a Plant Nursery and Garden Centre that specialises 100% in cannabis.

Cannapalooza Nursery is passionate about farming and gardening and with that in mind, we take pride in the fact that we truly grow with science. With the green fingers passed down through generations as well as our e-T.O.K. (Tree of knowledge) our team decided to create Cannapalooza Nursery, in Hudson, Florida US to help the community build low-maintenance and re-generative gardens that are sustaining and nourishing for people and our planet. We provide the necessary knowledge and tools to encourage people to incorporate CBD’s in their lives to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Fast Free Courteous Cannabis Delivery

Cannapalooza Farms offers fast and free deliveries locally to most of the Pasco County area. Senior citizens and military veterans always receive a 10% discount on all of our proucts as well. Contact us today to place an order or visit our shop to enjoy a safe and easy shopping experience for all of your CBD needs!

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What is CBD ?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found essentially in the blooms and leaves of the hemp plant. It’s one of the various astounding cannabinoids found in hemp and is known for supporting the body and mind differently.CBD is the pressure for Cannabidiol, a staggering plant compound utilized as a solution for innumerable years. CBD is one of many Cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa-L.There are many experts, examiners, and driving specialists around the world who concur that CBD and its consistently happening Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids utilized in this particular kind of hemp plant may give a wide degree of clinical advantages not seen or found in the standard medication industry.

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Customer Reviews

They have already used our services
Kristin Watson

The gummies were excellent! Full of flavor and the effects were great. I have the best night sleep with them.

Ronald Richards

The wife and I stopped over at Cannapalooza Farms when they were doing their first food-drive for the local homeless. We got to see their operation first hand as well as a great education on Cannabis Sativa-L! (hemp)

Wade Warren

I had been looking for options on incorporating CBD in my life and came across Cannapalooza Farms. It was refreshing to see that these folks were indoor farming their products. Can’t wait to see more products from them!

Aviana Plummer

We ordered the Quick Kush infused flower and were thoroughly impressed! Great work!

Made new friends at cannapalooza awhile ago , they had amazing flower and gummies were fire , Rudy and Marlon are amazing people and take time into all there products and it shows , best cannabis in Florida I have ever had don’t keep going anywhere else right here is the spot if you want relief.